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Who is she dating right now?

According to our records, Reena Hammer is possibly single.


Reena Hammer has been in relationships with (2004 - 2012), (2001 - 2002),,,, and.

Reena Hammer has had an encounter with (2010).


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Relationship Statistics

Type Total Longest Average Shortest
Dating 7 7 years, 4 months 1 year, 2 months 1 year
Encounter frau sucht mann feste beziehung 1 - - -
Total 8 7 years, 4 months 1 year 1 year


First Name Reena
Maiden Name Hammer
Full Name at Birth Reena Hammer
Age 33 years
Birthday 19th November, 1984
Birthplace London, England, UK
Height 5' 3" (160 cm)
Weight 100lbs (45 kg)
Build Slim
Eye Color Brown - Dark
Hair Color Black
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Sexuality Straight
Religion Other
Ethnicity Multiracial
Nationality British
University Kings College London Latin & English Literature
Occupation Text Creative Director of Urban Retreat
Occupation Business
Official Websites uk.linkedin.com/pub/reena-hammer/50/b54/97b, instagram.com/reenahammer/?hl=en
Father George Hammer
Mother Ruby Hammer
More about Reena Hammer
Less about Reena Hammer
When he was caught swigging extra-strong cider in the street at 10am, it seemed Tudors star Jonathan Rhys Meyers was just another self-indulgent star going off the rails. But that's not the whole story...

Jonathan Rhys Meyers used to be an appalling drinker - that's what he told me when I met him recently.

"I used to drink like a 14-year-old kid. Oh Jaysus, I did the most embarrassing things," he said.

"But about a year and a half ago, I woke up and asked myself where I wanted to go.

"I decided I wanted to be a really successful movie actor. So, I just gave up partying completely.

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Jonathan Rhys Meyers
Jonathan Rhys Meyers at Henry VIII in The Tudors

"I don't want to be one of those young idiots who spend all their time in nightclubs with reality TV stars, being photographed outside Chinawhite three times a week at 3am with some bubbly blonde with big t***.

"B******* to that. It's boring."

Instead of alcohol, the Irish actor said he was "consumed by work", the fruits of which are on our TV and cinema screens.

Rhys Meyers has become a household name thanks to his portrayal of a highly-sexed Henry VIII in The Tudors, the Emmy award-winning BBC2 mini-series.

His new film, August Rush, adds to his string of big screen credits that beste partnervermittlung internet österreich include playing Scarlett Johansson's lover in Woody Allen's Match Point, the love interest in Bend It Like Beckham and a chameleon secret agent alongside Tom Cruise in the blockbuster Mission: Impossible III.

Despite this success, his spirited words about being teetotal suddenly seem hubristic.

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Jonathan Rhys Meyers
Jonathan Rhys Meyers

This week Rhys Meyers, 30, was photographed on a London street drinking extra-strong cider at 10am. Wearing a black donkey jacket with the collar turned up as he wandered along swigging straight from the can, he looked more like a street-sweeper coming off a night shift than a glittering star with Hollywood at his feet.

But this was not the aftermath of a heavy night's partying. Just a few hours earlier, Rhys Meyer's beloved mother had died suddenly.

Geraldine O'Keeffe, 50, to whom he was exceptionally close, passed away at a hospital in Cork on Tuesday - her distraught son attended her burial at St Catherine's cemetery, Kilcully, yesterday.

But no such mitigating circumstances could excuse the scenes played out last weekend at Dublin airport, when the actor fell asleep on the floor as he waited for a flight.

Rhys Meyers allegedly became aggressive towards airport staff when he awoke from his stupor, and was arrested for being drunk and disorderly and in breach of the peace.

To some of his acquaintances, this incident is no surprise.

Rhys Meyers has checked himself into rehab clinics twice this year.

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Jonathan Rhys Meyers
Colin Farrell

"Jonny has always been on the brink of going really off the rails," says one.

"Earlier this year, he went to the U.S. He was supposed to be heading to New York for a publicity junket, but he left a party with Lindsay Lohan and no one could find him. He vanished for two days.

"But that's Jonny for you. He had a difficult childhood and he's screwed up and wild. But he's also enormously ambitious, so the question is: which way is he going to go?"

Which way, indeed. The last year has certainly been traumatic for the young star.

Despite frequently claiming he has long been teetotal, in April his publicist announced that "after a non-stop succession of filming, Jonathan Rhys Meyers has entered an alcohol treatment programme" at an undisclosed location.

His addiction was still an acknowledged problem several months later, when his on-off girlfriend Reena Hammer announced: "We're just taking a break from each other. Part of the reason is that Jonny is dealing with his problems with alcohol."

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Match Point Scarlett Johansson and Jonathan Rhys Meyers
Jonathan Rhys Meyers

On top of this, during the summer, the man Rhys Meyers considers to be his adoptive father was convicted for drugging and sexually abusing a 15-year-old.

And now, of course, he is grief-stricken over the loss of his mother.

Whether in Hollywood or Cork, they had managed to speak to each other almost every day.

But even before these troubling events are taken into account, everything about Rhys Meyers has always felt, to say the least, a little bit edgy.

Charismatic and arrogant, in the flesh he vibrates with nervous energy, chain-smoking Marlboro Lights that he sucks right down to the filters.

His androgynous looks - bee-stung lips, a coffin-shaped face and chiselled cheekbones - divide women on whether he is sexy or not.

Rhys Meyers' behaviour can certainly be strange at times.

A friend who spent one weekend in his company remembers how "he kept catching sight of himself in mirrors and pouting".

"He also told us he had a skin complaint that meant if he scratched himself it caused a raised mark," she says.

"He was mad about the model Lisa Butcher at the time, so he scratched her name all over his skin and sure enough it puffed up and stayed there for hours, like a tattoo. Everyone thought him most odd."

His relationships always seem to be impassioned and stormy.

Since his liaison with Lisa Butcher, there have been several other affairs - among them a fling with the one-time It-girl Lady Victoria Hervey.

But in January 2005, Rhys Meyers' impassioned edginess spilled over into something a bit more serious when he and Reena Hammer, the 21-year-old heiress to the Ruby & Millie cosmetics brand, were arrested and cautioned for common assault.

Each blamed the other for a stormy lovers' tiff at their flat in Camden, North London.

Rhys Meyers and Reena are together again - and seem to be enjoying teasing the paparazzi by appearing in public one day with her wearing a diamond ring on her engagement finger, the next with it switched to another digit.

"It's very important for Jonny to be in control and he likes to take the initiative sexually," says a friend.

"I've seen him rebuff people who've made a move on him, only to make an advance on them a few weeks later.

"He is a clever boy and likes to play mind games."

Another friend adds: "Jonny and Reena have spectacular rows sometimes - in fact, they had one last week. They'll do it in public and they don't care who's watching."

When I first met him eight years ago, Rhys Meyers was 22 and doing the publicity rounds for the Ang Lee film, Ride With The Devil.

He had just spent the money he had made from the film on a bungalow for his mother in Cork, which seemed a solid, down-to-earth thing to do. However, he seemed intent on modelling himself as a latter-day Lord Byron: mad, bad and dangerous to know.

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Bend it Beckham

He came across as sensitive, voluble and engaging, and if he was a little over-earnest then he was very young.

He talked about spirituality; about back-packing round Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Mexico (where he had woken up drunk after drinking three-quarters of a bottle of mescal, the local liquor); he was reading Jean-Paul Sartre; his favourite author was Dostoevsky; and his ambition was to play the virtuoso Russian dancer Nijinsky because he "pushed the boundaries of his art and life".

Back then, he was happy to chat about the difficult childhood about which he is now rather guarded - but which explains why he seems to oscillate between extremes of self-control and vulnerability.

Rhys Meyers was only three when his father left. Two of his brothers went to live with their paternal grandmother while Jonathan and the fourth brother, Alan, remained with their mother in a council flat in Cork.

Money was tight and there were few modern comforts.

"I didn't use a phone until I was 14," he has said.

Alcohol was a big part of their lives, even then.

His mother drank so much of the dole money that her son says he was forced to steal just to have enough to eat.

It's a time he alternately romanticises - "I was an exquisite thief" - and denies: "My life has been sensationalised into a rags to riches story."

Either way, at 14 he was expelled from the Christian Brothers school in Cork and soon after left home to fend for himself.

He got a job as a general dogsbody in a pool hall. And one day, while playing an arcade game in a leisure centre, he met a dairy farmer called Christopher Croft.

Croft took in the teenager and gave him a home alongside his three sons, as well as some much-needed stability. Indeed, he became a father figure to the wayward teenager.

Even into his 20s, when Rhys Meyers felt dejected after a failed audition, it was to Croft's farm that he went home.

Croft is openly gay, but he and Rhys Meyers have always been clear theirs is a father-son relationship - with Croft even once going to the lengths of denying he has ever fancied the young actor.

The pair remained close even after Croft started a new life in Morocco, with Rhys Meyers using some of his film earnings to buy a flat there so he could visit his saviour.

This element of stability began to unravel over the summer when Croft was convicted of abusing a homeless boy and sentenced to one year in prison. His appeal has just been heard by the Moroccan courts and the judge is expected to make a ruling next week.

Coupled with his mother's death, this makes for a tough time for the young star, so perhaps it's no surprise that the hard drinking which first presented itself when he was filming Oliver Stone's Alexander in 2004 appears to have resurfaced.

In the past, Rhys Meyers has dealt with his excesses by throwing himself into the rest of his life for distraction.

"I think all actors have addictive personalities," he told me 18 months ago.

"They're all addicted to something - it can be work, power, sex, fame, running.

"I'm a workaholic. I also go to the gym a lot - it's my new thing. Yes, I am a compulsive person."

His friend Sean Borg, a Los Angeles-based TV producer, says that earlier this year this strategy seemed to be working.

"I saw him in LA and he seemed to be doing well. He was going to the gym every day and looking fantastic.

"He was really proud of staying on the wagon. We'd go out for dinner and I'd have a glass of wine, but he wouldn't - he really seemed to have got himself sorted and together."

The question is whether Rhys Meyers can pull it together again - and for how long.

As he said himself in an interview just before his latest public drinking session: "Growing up in Ireland, I saw many a handsome young man walk into the bar with great dreams.

"Then I saw the same man sitting there 15 years later, still nursing the pint."

• Additional reporting: Nicole Lampert.

I thought of a line from it last week when I saw the pitiful pictures of Irish actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers, sadly once again drunk, in Dublin Airport. It the fourth time in a decade star had run into trouble publicly due to his alcoholism, despite repeatedly claiming he had got a grip on his demons.

One stark line from The Big Book reads: The disturbing photos of Jonathan, showing him dishevelled and staggering, are proof of the hold alcoholism can take on anyone, despite wealth, fame or family. He is a man who appears to have it all. He was expelled from school at But despite all that, he went on to become one of the most successful movie stars ever to come out of Ireland, chosen for roles by renowned directors such as Woody Allen, Ang Lee and Oliver Stone and acting alongside Colin Farrell, Scarlet Johanssen and Reese Witherspoon.

He has a beautiful, fiercely loyal wife in Mara Lane, and the couple recently celebrated the birth of their first child, Wolf, who was born last December. But her desperate response to the pictures of him drunk at Dublin airport showed she may be — with the best of intentions — a little too steadfast in her support.

Mara has been with Jonathan since who is reena hammer dating now, two who is reena hammer dating now after he split from ex-girlfriend Reena Hammer, who left him due to his addiction problems.

As someone who grew up with alcoholism in my family — like so many Irish people — her statement was heartbreaking to read. Even in its brevity it contained many examples of who is reena hammer dating now addiction specialists describe as textbook behaviour of those living with an alcoholic: She defended him passionately: I could not who is reena hammer dating now back and see him attacked by Darkness during such a tender time.

Also, he IS a celebrity, and in the era of the smartphone, everyone takes pictures of them, everywhere they go. Your fear for your family and future, and their health and happiness, means you accept troublesome behaviour, when in fact the experts say you must not ever do this — addiction or not.

Your instinct is to help them avoid being accountable for their actions, find excuses and reasons for their drinking. On some level, you are in denial yourself, and so you up for the addict; everyone wants to believe the best of those they love. You might find ways to blame yourself, shoulder some of the responsibility, in an attempt to help them carry the load.

But all this only enables them — allowing them to continue dangerous behaviour. Instead, who is reena hammer dating now must make firm, unbending rules and enforce them He has had a hard life and clearly has struggles and needs much support.

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Who is reena hammer dating now Who is Jonathan Rhys Meyers dating? Jonathan Rhys Meyers girlfriend, wife

By Daily Mail Reporter Updated: The Tudors star Jonathan Rhys Meyers has agreed to seek treatment for his alcohol addiction, his spokesperson confirmed today. The Irish actor, 32, is set to check into a rehab facility on his return to London from the U. It comes just who is reena hammer dating now after he allegedly screamed abuse at airport staff when they banned him from getting on a plane because he was drunk.

Jonathan Rhys Meyers, pictured here in West Hollywood with girlfriend Reena Hammer on May 9, is set to check into a treatment facility. Long battle with alcoholism: The actor was pictured drinking a can of cider early in the morning in United Airlines staff barred him from boarding, which resulted in the actor who is reena hammer dating now a foul-mouthed tirade, according to reports.

The incident is believed to have been the final straw for his girlfriend, heiress Reena Hammer, who is said to have told him: The year-old, who is the creative director of Urban Retreat, the beauty company founded by her father, George, has been dating Rhys Meyers since A source told The Sun: He has a long-history of battling alcohol addiction and has been arrested twice at airports in drink-related incidents.

He was arrested at Dublin Airport and arrested for being drunk and in breach of the peace in November The charges were subsequently dropped. Rhys Meyers also detained by police in June at the Charles De Gaulle airport in Paris after who is reena hammer dating now assaulting an bar staff employee while drunk.

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Jonathan Rhys Meyers: I'm Sorry I Messed Up, But I'm Good Now

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Opinion: Jonathan Rhys Meyers is an alcoholic that needs a bit of tough love "As someone who grew up with alcoholism in my family – like so many Irish people.
Saturday kicked off with chiropractor. Very fucking happy the neck pain which nearly killed me the week before is now under control so wondering if maybe she deserves.
Opinion: Jonathan Rhys Meyers is an alcoholic that needs a bit of tough love "As someone who grew up with alcoholism in my family – like so many Irish people.
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