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Candice Patricia Bergen (born May 9, 1946) is an American actress and former. She won five and two for her ten seasons as the title character on the (1988–98). She is also ist sofort mehr dates kostenlos known for her role as on the drama (2005–08). She was nominated for the for (1979), and for the for (1982).

Bergen began her career as a fashion model and appeared on the front cover of, before making her screen debut ist sofort mehr dates kostenlos in the 1966 film . She went on to star in (1966), (1970), (1971), and (1975). She made her debut in the 1984 play . From 2002 to 2004, she appeared in three episodes of the series . Her other film roles include (2000), (2002), (2008), and (2009). In candice bergen dating history the 2010s, she returned to Broadway to star in the revivals of (2012) and (2014).

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Early life[]

Bergen was born in. Her mother, ( Westerman), was a who was known professionally as Frances Westcott. Her father,, was a famous, comedian, and actor. Her paternal grandparents were -born immigrants who their surname, which was originally Berggren ("mountain branch"). As a child, Candice was irritated at being described as "Charlie McCarthy's little sister" (referring to her father's star ).

She began appearing on her father's radio program at a young age, and in 1958, at age 11, with her father on 's quiz show , as Candy Bergen. She said that when she grew up, she wanted to design clothes. She later attended the, where she was elected both and Miss University, but, as Bergen later acknowledged, she failed to take her education beste singletrails im harz seriously and after failing two courses in art and opera, she was asked to leave at the end of her sophomore year. She ultimately received an honorary doctorate from Penn in May 1992.

She worked as a fashion model before she took up acting, featured on the covers of Vogue.

Early years[]

In 1966, Bergen made her screen debut playing a university student in , which delicately touched on the then-forbidden subject of lesbianism. The same year, she played the role of Shirley Eckert, an assistant school teacher in (1966) with. The movie was nominated for several. In 1968 she played the leading female role in, a British mystery film also starring and, that was almost universally ridiculed on its release. She was featured in a 1970 political satire, , playing a frustrated socialite.

Bergen starred in the highly controversial Western (1970), a worldwide hit but a failure in its homeland, perhaps because of its unflattering portrayal of the U.S. Cavalry. The film's European success led to Bergen's being voted by British exhibitors as the seventh-most popular star at the British box office in 1971. She had roles in two other Western films including (1971) and (1975), both of which starred.

Bergen appeared in ' provocative (1971) and the romantic comedy (1979), for which she received and nominations for best supporting actress.

In 1975 she starred with in , as a strong-willed American widow kidnapped in the Moroccan desert. She was the love online singlebörsen kostenlos österreich interest of in the sequel, (1979), and portrayed a best-selling author in (1981) with. In 1982, Bergen appeared in the film in which she portrayed documentary photographer. Bergen was nominated for a.

Turning to television, Bergen appeared in the 1985 miniseries . In addition to acting, Bergen has written articles, a play, and a memoir, Knock Wood (1984). She has also studied photography and worked as a photojournalist.

Murphy Brown[]

In 1988, she took the lead role in the sitcom , in which she played a tough television reporter. The series provided her with the opportunity to show her little-seen comic talent, and although primarily a conventional sit-com, the show did tackle important issues. Murphy Brown, a recovering, became a single mother and later battled. In 1992, criticized prime-time TV for showing the Murphy Brown character "mocking the importance of fathers by bearing a child alone and calling it just another lifestyle choice."

Quayle's disparaging remarks were subsequently written into the show, with Murphy shown watching Quayle's speech in disbelief at his insensitivity and ignorance of the reality of the lives of single mothers. A subsequent episode explored the subject of family values within a diverse set of families. The Brown character arranges for a truckload of to be dumped in front of Quayle's residence, an allusion to an infamous incident in which Quayle erroneously directed a school child to spell the word "potato" as "potatoe". In reality, Bergen agreed with at least some of Quayle's observations, saying that while the particular remark was "an arrogant and uninformed posture", as a whole, it was "a perfectly intelligent speech about fathers not being dispensable and nobody agreed with that more than I did." Bergen's run on Murphy Brown was extremely successful. The show ran for ten seasons and between 1989 and 1998, Bergen was nominated for an seven times and won five. After her fifth win, she declined future nominations for the role.

Throughout the same time frame as Murphy Brown, Bergen also appeared as the main spokesperson for a telephone ad campaign.

On January 24, 2018 it was announced that Candice Bergen would be reprising her role as Murphy Brown for a series revival to be aired on CBS in the 2018-2019 season.

Later career[]

After playing the role of Murphy Brown, Bergen was offered a chance to work as a real-life journalist. After the run of Murphy Brown ended in 1998, CBS approached her to cover stories for , an offer she declined, with the conviction that she didn't personally want to blur the lines between actor and journalist at the time.

Candice Bergen at the 65th Annual Peabody Awards

After Murphy Brown, Bergen hosted Exhale with Candice Bergen on the. She also appeared in character roles in films, including , where she played villainous pageant host Kathy Morningside; she also portrayed the mayor of New York in . In 2003, she appeared in the flight-attendant comedy, .

In January 2005, Bergen joined the cast of the television series as Shirley Schmidt, a founding partner in the law firm of. She played the role for five seasons. In 2006 and 2008, she received Emmy nominations for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series.

A frequent host on NBC's , she was the first woman to host the show and the first host to do a second show. She was also the first woman to join the, when she hosted for the fifth time in 1990. Bergen guest-starred on in its first year, appearing in several skits, an episode now available in a DVD collection. She was also featured in a long-running "Dime Lady" ad campaign for the phone company.

She has also made guest appearances on many other TV shows, including (as herself playing Murphy Brown), , , (playing herself), and , where she played Enid Frick, 's editor at . More recently she appeared in the 2009 movie as Marion St. Claire, New York's most sought-after wedding planner, who also serves as the narrator of the story.

Since its launch in 2008, Candice Bergen has been a contributor for.com, a website for women to talk culture, politics and gossip.

Bergen had an occasional role on as 's mother, starting in Season 7, including the 2011 episodes "" and "".

In 2010, she appeared in a one-night only concert semi staged reading of by. She has also appeared on Broadway in the 2012 revival of 's and the 2014 revival of .

Personal life[]

Candice Bergen and her mother at the 62nd Academy Awards March 26, 1990

A "political activist", Bergen accepted a date with. During her "activist" days she participated in a prank when she,, and others threw dollar bills onto the floor of the in 1967, leading to its temporary shutdown. In 1972, she for 's.

Bergen and former boyfriend lived at in, which was later occupied by and her husband,. Tate and four others were murdered in the home in August 9, 1969, by followers of. There was some initial speculation that Melcher may have been the intended victim, although Melcher, his former roommate, and have all indicated Manson was aware that Melcher was no longer living at that address at the time of the murders.

On September 27, 1980, she married French film director. They had one child, a daughter named Chloé Françoise, in 1985. The couple were married until Malle's death from on Thanksgiving Day in 1995. Bergen has traveled extensively and speaks French fluently. She has been married to New York real estate magnate and Marshall Rose since 2000.

Awards won[]



  • Best Performance by an Actress in a TV-Series – Comedy/Musical for: (1989, 1992) 2 wins


  • Inducted in 2010



Year Title Role Notes
1966 Group, The Lakey Eastlake
1966 Sand Pebbles, The Shirley Eckert
1967 Day the Fish Came Out, The Electra Brown
1967 Candice
1968 Magus, The Lily
1970 Adventurers, The Sue Ann Daley
1970 Jan
1970 Cresta Maribel Lee
1971 Susan
1971 Hunting Party, The Melissa Ruger
1971 T. R. Baskin
1974 Maren Shirell
1975 Wind and the Lion, The Eden Pedecaris
1975 Miss Jones
1977 Domino Principle, The Ellie Tucker
1978 Night Full of Rain, A Lizzy
1978 Marcie Bonwit
1979 Jessica Potter Nominated –
Nominated –
1981 Merry Noel Blake
1984 SAL 9000 Voice only; credited as Olga Mallsnerd
1985 Kyle McClaren
2000 Kathy Morningside
2002 Mayor Kate Hennings
2003 Sally Weston
2003 In-Laws, The Judy Tobias
2008 Enid Frick
2008 Women, The Catherine Frazier
2009 Marion St. Claire
2010 Romantics, The Augusta Hayes
2014 Donna Mitchler
2016 Nadine Henly
2017 Julia
2017 Lillian Stewart
2018 In post-production


Year Title Role Notes
1967 Enid Toler Episode: "The Rebels"
1969 Various Episode: "The Woody Allen Special"
1975–2013 Herself 6 episodes
1976 Herself Episode: "Candice Bergen"
1985 Elaine Conti 2 episodes
1985 Television film
1985 Murder: By Reason of Insanity Ewa Berwid Television film
1987 Trying Times Barbara Episode: "Moving Day"
1987 Sydney Biddle Barrows Television film
1988–1998 Murphy Brown 247 episodes
(1989, 1992)
(1989–90, 1992, 1994–95)
Nominated – (1990–91, 1993–96)
Nominated – (1991, 1993)
Nominated –
Nominated – (1995–96)
1992 Murphy Brown Episode: ""
1994–1995 Narrator 4 episodes
1996 Mary & Tim Mary Horton Television film
1997 Murphy Brown Episode: "Murphy's Law"
2000 Gloria Ironbox 2 episodes
2002–2004 Enid Frick 3 episodes
2003 Footsteps Daisy Lowendahl Television film
2004 Judge Amanda Anderlee Episode: "The Brotherhood"
2004 Herself Episode: "Strangers with Candice"
2005 Judge Amanda Anderlee 3 episodes
2005–2008 Shirley Schmidt 84 episodes
Nominated –
Nominated – (2006, 2008)
Nominated –
Nominated –
Nominated – (2007–09)
Nominated –
2011 Arlene Cuddy 3 episodes
2013 Mike's Mom Episode: "Thanksgiving"
2014 Bernice Novack Television film
2015 Constance Episode: "Mama's Boy"
2016 The Closer (voice) Episode: "Stop the Presses"
2018 Series Regular

Awards and nominations[]

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Wczesne lata

Urodziła się w w stanie jako starsze dziecko i jedyna córka (1903-1978) i modelki Frances Westerman (1922-2006). W dzieciństwie nazywana była młodszą siostrzyczką Charliego McCarthy – lalki animowanej przez ojca. Ma młodszego brata Krisa (ur. 12 października 1961), który został. Jej dziadkowie, Johan Henriksson Berggren i Nilla Svensdotter Osberg, byli. W wieku szesnastu lat wystąpiła w audycji radiowej swojego ojca. W 1964 roku ukończyła szkołę średnią dla dziewcząt Harvard-Westlake School w, a następnie Montesano School w i wydział i twórczego pisania na w.


Rozpoczęła karierę jako modelka w, i, zanim pojawiła się na dużym ekranie w powieści w reżyserii Grupa (The Group, 1966) jako elegancka i tajemnicza Lakey o skłonnościach. Kolejna rol nauczycielki i asystentki mechanika w melodramacie wojennym (The Sand Pebbles, 1966) u boku przyniosła jej nominację do nagrody dla obiecującej nowej twarzy. Po udziale w serialu Niebieska korona (Coronet Blue, 1967), wystąpiła potem w komedii Dzień, w którym wypłynęła ryba (The Day the Fish Came Out, 1967), dramacie Żyć, aby żyć (Vivre pour vivre, 1967) z, powieści (The Magus, 1968) z i oraz – (Soldier Blue, 1970) u boku i Z zaciśniętymi zębami (Bite the Bullet, 1973) z i i filmie przygodowym Wiatr i Lew (The Wind And The Lion, 1975) jako uprowadzona z Tangeru przez przywódcę berberyjskich rebeliantów.

W 1975 podjęła pracę jako fotoreporterka magazynów Life, i . Zagrała potem w kontynuacji kinowego przeboju Opowieść Olivera (Oliver’s Story, 1978) u boku. Znakomite recenzje i nominację do nagrody otrzymała za postać rozwodzącej się z niepozornym dziennikarzem Jessiki, która została piosenkarką w komedii (Starting Over, 1979) z. Kolejną jej ciekawą kreacją była postać fotoreporterki w biograficznym dramacie (1982), za którą była nominowana do nagrody.

23 października 1984 roku zastąpiła i wystąpiła na scenie jako Darlene w przedstawieniu Harmider (Hurlyburly) z, i. Ogromny sukces międzynarodowy odniosła w tytułowej roli reporterki FYI News Network, która próbuje samotnie wychowywać swoje dziecko w (1988–98), za którą została uhonorowana wieloma nagrodami, w tym pięciokrotnie nagrodą (1989-90, 1992, 1994-95) i dwukrotnie nagrodą (1989, 1992). Rola przewrotnej ex-Królowej Piękności i organizatorki Konkursu Miss Piękności w komedii sensacyjnej (Miss Congeniality, 2000) z przyniosła jej nominację do nagrody Blockbuster Entertainment. W 2012 powróciła na deski jako Alice Russell w spektaklu Ten najlepszy (Gore Vidal's The Best Man), a także w 2014 roku w roli Melissy Gardner w sztuce Listy miłosne (Love Letters).

W 1984 roku ukazała się jej autobiografia Knock Wood, która okazała się.

Życie prywatne

27 września 1980 roku wyszła za mąż za francuskiego reżysera. Mieli córkę Chloe (ur. 1985). Byli małżeństwem do śmierci Malle'a - 23 listopada 1995.

W 1998 roku związała się z magnatem nowojorskich nieruchomości Marshallem Rose, którego poślubiła 15 czerwca 2000 roku.

Final hours of loved-up gangsters Bonnie and Clyde before they were gunned down revealed in Plus, the Lucky Lizard novelty shop sells bizarre trinkets from X-ray glasses to zombie dolls. Marvin Hamlisch and Carole Bayer Sager wrote three original songs for the film: Retrieved March 10, Permanent exhibits dedicated to inline, figure, hockey, speed, and roller derby sports feature photographs, costumes, and footage. A collector of beer cans and breweriana since he was 14 years old, Logan had filled his basement by the time he converted it into a candice bergen dating history in visits by appointment only. Spamtown Hormel is headquartered here. Strictly star Karen Clifton keeps her wedding ring on despite claims her husband Kevin has moved out In the pink! The series was an immediate success with the series premiere reaching 4. He goes on a date with her friend Marie, a single mom who literally throws herself at him. Open daily until midnight, it makes for a fun, quirky stop on a night out in downtown. Parents in affluent north London suburb of Muswell Hill rage at mystery neighbour who left note Your next road trip just might candice bergen dating history stops at a museum celebrating bad art or that displays wreaths made from human hair. Barnum, Busti designed his museum much like a circus sideshow experience, with oddities to ogle like shrunken heads, one-eyed pigs, a Fiji mermaid, and the Minnesota Iceman. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Candice Accola. Candice Rene Accola was born in HoustonCandice bergen dating historythe daughter of Carolyn Clarkwho was an environmental engineer candice bergen dating history becoming a homemakerand Kevin Accola, a cardiothoracic surgeon. Retrieved May 15, At a family Thanksgiving dinner, a phone call from Jessica comes at an inopportune time. Starting Over Theatrical release poster. Phil does everything he can, even disrupting a Boston Celtics candice bergen dating history, in an attempt to win her back. Retrieved November 17,

Starting Over is a American comedy film based on Dan Wakefield's novel, produced by James L. Brooks, and directed by Alan J..

When she became pregnant with their first and only child, Malle, Candice agonized over whether or not she would be able to tell the candice bergen dating history still in her womb that she loved her. After her fifth win, she candice bergen dating history future nominations for the role. Palestinian protesters burn images of Trump and the U. Teenager who drew comparisons to Angelina Jolie with her astonishing social media posts reveals she DID have Who is Candice Bergen dating right now? Head size and shape determine your wellbeing and how attractive She was also featured in a long-running "Dime Lady" ad campaign for the Sprint phone company. Trump was the first to reveal last August that he had once dated Bergen. Teenager who drew comparisons to Angelina Jolie with her astonishing social media posts reveals she DID have From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the Candice bergen dating history politician, see Candice Bergen politician. Jimmy Boyd and Candice Bergen are separated On September 27,she married French film director Louis Malle. Plot to blow up Theresa May is foiled: Nude actress Blanca Blanco protects her modesty with Christmas ornaments and ribbons for beach shoot Missing something? After playing the role of Murphy Brown, Bergen was offered a chance work as candice bergen dating history real-life journalist. For his part, Trump has also spoken about the brief time he spent with Bergen, though he recalled last year in an interview with the Boston Globe that the actress turned him down. Bergen dropped out of Penn after two years, but during her short time there she named Homecoming Queen Miss University left. Gemma Collins slips into glittering gown for festive shoot Retrieved from " https: Comments Share what you think. Henry Kissinger and Candice Bergen are separa


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