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Coach Evan Marc Katz’s Advice for Internet Dating

Kim Childs

Natural Awakenings recently launched its own online dating site, which got us wondering… what does it take to cole haan single breasted raincoat find that ideal someone? We decided to call on dating coach Evan Marc Katz, author of I Can’t Believe I’m Buying This Book: A Commonsense Guide to Successful Internet Dating, for advice. Katz, who calls himself a personal trainer for love, coaches successful women in the art of successful dating. He says that while online dating simply makes sense in today’s world, it’s important to do it wisely.

Online dating is nearly the norm these days. What has changed?

It’s a perfect marriage of technology and opportunity. There are about 100 million singles in the United States, and everyone has a personal computer and a phone, which allows us to connect immediately with people we’d never meet in the course of our day-to-day life.

Think about a woman in her 40s that wants to date and lives in a suburb with kids, has a full-time job and whose friends are all married; it can be hard for someone like that to meet men. Online dating allows her to essentially create a love life from scratch.

The problem is that most people think they can just go online and succeed, without realizing that there’s an actual skill to it. You can’t just shop for a partner the way you can order up other things on the Internet.

Can you share some tips for singles just starting out?

I created an audio series called Finding the One Online, in which I share best practices and some key mistakes to avoid. For example, people sign up for online dating for a month and expect to fall in love in 30 days. That’s like being 50 pounds overweight, signing up for a one-month gym membership and quitting after only losing three pounds because you didn’t meet your goal.

The process of finding a good match is more like training for a marathon—you can’t log on and manifest a partner right away by talking to everyone on the site in a month’s time. That’s completely unrealistic, and yet it’s the number one reason people fail, because they expect too much too soon and don’t stick around long enough to learn how to use the system.

What are some best practices once you commit to the process?

Don’t write an online profile that’s full of adjectives, activities and clichés. Telling a story that illustrates who you are is much more enticing. Post a picture taken within the past year, have a clever user name and write initial emails that are funny and confident.

I like the idea of flirting with a potentially special someone online, moving from email to the phone and making plans for a real-life date over the course of about a week. That’s a good, organic process. My preference is to meet for drinks on a Saturday night, but it doesn’t have to be cocktails if that’s not your scene. I just like the romantic atmosphere of meeting for drinks because dinner dates tend to be too static and coffee dates are too casual.

The goal is not to meet tons of people as quickly as possible. The goal is to build up trust and rapport via email and phone communications, so that when you do go on a first date, it’s comfortable and actually feels like a second date. I encourage my clients to go on real dates, not interviews.

Many people make a list of qualities they desire in a partner. What do you think should top that list?

The things that sustain a marriage are kindness, consistency, compromise, laughter, shared values and trust. Those should be at the top of your list, instead of height, weight, age or income. The problem is that such qualities may not appear in someone’s online profile or even on the first date. Too many couples make decisions based on chemistry, and that can be a terrible predictor of success for a lasting romantic relationship.

Connect with a health conscious, environmentally aware, spiritually evolved friend and mate at. Reach Evan Marc Katz at.

Kim Childs is a writer and creativity coach in Boston. Visit.

By becoming clear on what we want, visualizing it and then seeing it as accomplished, we can manifest miracles.

If we want a real relationship, this single treffen in reinbek experienced dating coach counsels, go slow, self-nurture and use matchmaking websites only as online introductions before going live.

People that have a strong faith enjoy better social, physical and mental health and possess a firm foundation to lean on in times of crisis, says the bestselling author.

When a group, single treffen in reinbek even a small one, including one online, sends a collective intention, seeds grow twice as fast and healings of trauma occur, reports the prominent author.

Fear often arises in us because of stories we unconsciously harbor in our mind—and understanding that unleashes the calming power of our intuition.


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Evan Marc Katz is termed as “the dating coach for smart, strong, successful women.” He has been working in the online dating world since 2003, and has a broad range of experience in helping singles improve their online dating experience. While Katz has built a business on private consulting with clients, he also offers his expertise and advice in the form of digital workbooks and packages. These programs can help you not only create a fantastic profile, but the programs can also teach you how to approach dating in a more knowledgeable way.

Katz realizes from both his own experience as well as that of his clients that there are flaws in online dating—but those flaws shouldn’t prevent you from having a successful experience. Katz highlights how to make your profile more attention-grabbing---which can be the make-or-break part of your online dating experience. The program highlights techniques, tips, and how-to’s for making your headline, profile description and profile photos attractive.

The six and a half hours of audio are also available as a full printed transcript, and there is a 35-page workbook that takes you step-by-step through creating an online dating profile. The program offers tips on what to do right away to make your profile better, while also providing you with ways of thinking and approaches to your long-term dating. You’ll better understand how to talk about the things that attract you in a partner (while avoiding talking to much about your turn-offs), describe your best qualities without sounding like you’re bragging, and reveal the fun, funny and interesting person inside you.

And he also narrows in on how the opposite sex is thinking—which is truly helpful, whether you’re new to online dating or have been involved with it for some time. Essentially, he helps women better understand men—why they think and do what they do. His researched information will aid you in developing the mindset and skills that will make you more confident in dating.

A significant part of this program is dedicated to teaching you how to communicate effectively. Often, your first email to a potential match can make or break their interest in you (and perhaps you’ve felt either instantly attracted or instantly put-off by an email you’ve received from another single). Katz discusses various techniques for communicating in a fun, attractive, honest way. And not only does he provide you techniques—he also discusses the reasoning behind those techniques, which will better prepare you to be successful in the world of online dating.

Positive Features of Finding The One Online

  • Katz has been a dating coach since 2003 and has a proven track record of successfully helping women (and other singles) improve their dating experience
  • You can go through the program at your own pace, on your own time
  • In addition to this program, you can sign up for a free online dating newsletter & free ebook on Katz’s website, as well as find free advice in the blog section

Negative Features of Finding The One Online

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How it Works

  • Select which price package (and digital or regular version) is right for you
  • Take your time going through the program, listening carefully to the audio and filling out the included 35-page workbook
  • Apply the techniques and advice to your dating profile, emails with other singles, and your dating life
  • You should start seeing an increase in interest and responses
  • You’ll feel more confident and less anxious about online dating

Topics Covered

  • Volume 1 – Developing a healthy mindset and choosing the proper website
    • How cole haan single breasted raincoat to quickly set up a compelling profile
    • How having realistic expectations will help your online dating experience
    • Key tips for how to approach online dating
    • Advice for choosing the best dating site
  • Volume 2 – Witty usernames, smiling photos and broad searches
    • How to pick a great username
    • What not to do/say in your headline
    • How to cancel a dating site subscription
  • Volume 3 – Writing a one-of-a-kind profile and understanding the opposite sex
    • How to “show” people who you are versus “telling” them
    • How to be succinct and tell a great story about who you are
    • Why you should be specific & how to best highlight your attributes
    • Why some men ask for your number and never call
  • Volume 4 – From the first email to the first date
    • Techniques to write a great first email
    • How to create a catchy subject line
    • Why it’s important to be casual, authentic and funny in your first email, and how to do it
    • Right and wrong ways to ask questions in an email
    • How to write a classy, kindhearted rejection letter
  • Volume 5 – Successful dating, common questions, wrap-up
    • What’s the etiquette for who pays on dates
    • How to set up the date to plan for OR delay physical intimacy
    • The best places to go/things to do on a first date

Finding The One Online Costs

  • Prices last confirmed May 17, 2017. Please check for most recent pricing
  • Finding the One Online package
    • Included in the package:
      • 6 ½ hours of audio that cover every aspect of Finding the One Online
      • A 35-page workbook with exercises designed to give you tangible results:a new username, headline, photos, essays, searches and email techniques
      • A full word-for-word transcript of the entire audio series
      • Additionally, the following items are included as “bonuses”:
        • The Top 10 Mistakes You're Definitely Making Online – e-book
        • X Factor Dating Interview – Audio
    • Costs in US dollars:
      • $197—for instant access to digital version
      • $267—for full version
      • $99/month ($297 total)—for payment plan of three installments

Other Finding The One Online Information

  • Katz started e-Cyrano, has published books, has been featured in various TV and magazine media
  • The site features various success stories—in written and audio form—to give you a sense of how the program works

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Morbi gravida, sem non egestas ullamcorper, tellus ante laoreet nisl, id iaculis urna eros vel turpis curabitur.
Zahra Doejune 2, 2017
Morbi gravida, sem non egestas ullamcorper, tellus ante laoreet nisl, id iaculis urna eros vel turpis curabitur.
Zahra Doejune 2, 2017
Morbi gravida, sem non egestas ullamcorper, tellus ante laoreet nisl, id iaculis urna eros vel turpis curabitur.

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